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“We are experiencing a historical transformation in the workforce system.”

– Ed Castille, Director AIDT

Leadership Development

State Officer Leadership Program

The leaders among leaders make up the active participants in the CTSO State Officer Leadership Program. State Officers are the elected/selected students who serve as the student voice and representation at the state level for their CTSO. This program includes:

  • Selection process where students demonstrate their qualifications and commitment to the state level position/leadership opportunity
  • Specialized leadership training meetings held in conjunction with other CTSO state leaders to encourage networking, collaboration, and synergy towards a common purpose
  • Access to a leadership coach who provides ongoing coaching, feedback and encouragement in their projects, initiatives, and goals for their term of service
  • CTSO specific and general leadership curriculum that translate and transfer to future leadership opportunities in their career path
  • Integration with the overall priorities and initiatives led by the CTSO governing boards and teams/staff on vision, planning, and execution of CTSO programs and activities

After their term of service, state officer alumni continue to stay engaged with CTSOs as volunteers and supporters of CTSO programs.

Skill Development

According to the Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE), “CTSOs play an important part in preparing young people to become productive citizens and to assume roles of leadership in their communities. These organizations provide a unique program of career and leadership development, motivation, and recognition for secondary and post-secondary students.”

CTSOs have been proven to be extremely valuable and effective instructional tools. Each CTSO reinforces workplace basics:

  • Value of Education: CTSOs encourage student led learning through professional development opportunities and conferences
  • Reading, Writing, and Computation: Members have the opportunity to refine reading, writing, and computational skills through student-led CTSO chapters, attending conferences, and participating in competitive events.
  • Communication: CTSOs encourage the development of public speaking, listening, and feedback skills through the competitive event aspect. In these events, students develop a presentation and pitch to a panel of judges. Students must also respond to questions and feedback provided by the judge.
  • Creative & Critical Thinking: CTSO members practice their problem-solving skills by planning fundraising activities, community service projects, and chapter meetings.
  • Teamwork: CTSOs provide group oriented activities designed to help students with their interpersonal and team building skills.

Educator Professional Development

The Oregon CTE Council provides Oregon’s teachers opportunities for professional development. These programs are designed to offer solutions that are confronting the students, teachers, and industries we serve. Programs include the Oregon Advisor Conference and exclusive resources for educators.


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